• Tonglen Beach Resort - Aklan, Boracay, Philippines

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Tonglen Beach Resort - Activities

There are excellent restaurants, bars and plenty of night time entertainment. Ideal for those who enjoy walking. sailing, golf, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and fishing to name a few. Tonglen is ideal for taking the sun and pure relaxation and seeing the warmth and friendliness of Filipino hospitality.

The mystic of Boracay is that it was gifted with sugary-white and powder fine sand, considered one of the nature’s wonders that makes Boracay’s white beach famous to the world. Walking barefoot in an almost magical white sand is a fad, for the sand seems to have a therapeutic effects on the senses. What’s amazing is that the sand never burns your feet, no matter how hot the day gets. With the white sand, comes the crystalline, azure water where the ocean floors can be seen sloping steeply.


Outrigger sailing boats, are for rent at many places along the White Beach, with or without a sailor, depending on your sailing skills. Prices range around 300 Peso an hour. For people who like speeding in the wind, hobie-cats are the ideal sailing outfit.

Scuba Diving

Boracay has a good variety of diving, from gentle dives to deep drop-offs and fast drift-dives, with good chances of encounters with big fish. Boracay’s dive sites are also an ideal place to learn diving. Boracay Island and surrounding areas offer more than 24 dive sites, suited for beginners as well experienced divers.

Snorkeling & Beach Hopping

Trips around the island often include snorkeling stopovers at different beaches or coves and drinks and lunch. In the monsoon season it is sometimes not possible to circle the island, but the West and East coasts of Boracay provide enough coves, beaches, snorkeling grounds and scenic views for a couple of exciting hours.

Boat Trips

Boat trips can be arranged by the front desk of the resort or at one of the three boat-stations.

Banana-Boat Riding

The entertaining banana-boat rides are very popular. Banana-boats in various sizes, ranging from three to 10 people per ride are available. Sport shops offering rides display their banana-floaters at the beach and are easy to find.

Windsurfing & Kiteboarding

A few places along the White Beach offer windsurfing and kiteboarding equipment and lessons. The main beach though for Windsurfers is Bulabog beach with many places offering equipment for rent and also lessons. The best time for windsurfing is between December and February, when the Northeast monsoon blows.

Mountain Biking & Hiking

Exploring the island with mountain bikes and by foot is not only healthy, but one will also encounter remote places and special scenery. Paths are crisscrossing the whole island. Mountain bikes can be rented almost everywhere along the White Beach and at many other places.


The hilly Southern and Northern parts of the island are ideal for motorbiking. Our front desk staff can assist you in renting a motorbike.

Beach Volleyball & Beach Football

Many places along the White Beach put up volleyball nets during daytime. Mornings and especially later in the afternoon people gather spontaneously and play for fun or challenging games. Beach Football is also played spontaneously along the White Beach.

Tennis, Golf & Horse-Back Riding

There are three tennis courts on the island, a 19 hole world-class golf course and a horse stable for island-excursions by horse.

Wall Climbing

Boracay Island has the only 40-feet (~13 meters) professional climbing-wall outside Manila.